Last Night’s Dream

I don’t have dreams that I remember very often… But I had a long and annoying dream last night that I thought I’d share.  If there are any dream interpreters out there, feel free to give it a shot:

I started working at target.  No one actually told me what to do or how to do it, so I was walking around the store trying to figure out where my station was located.  Eventually I ended up in the garden section and somehow knew that was where I was supposed to be.  At this point I think I met a nice older lady who took me over to the cash register but never really showed me how to use it or anything… then I think she went on break and I was there alone.  Then two guys came over and wanted me to help them find a wheel barrow.  However, they didn’t know the name of it so they asked for “one of those wheely things.”  It took a little while, but I finally figured out what they ment… so, we set up through the gardening section to find one.  This being my first day and not having been trained, I had no clue where we kept the wheel barrows.  So we walked all over the place trying to find them.  After a while I just told the guys that I didn’t think we had any.  They seemed a bit perplexed that target didn’t carry such a common item (as was I) but they eventually left.  I then decided that I should look arround my section and get aquainted with my suroundings so that I could help future shoppers find stuff.  I went down one row and saw these really cool looking little trees (like banzi trees) and then noticed that there were owls sitting on the trees… we sold owls!?!  It was odd.  The owls were real and were just sitting on the trees… nothing keeping them there, they just sat there.  I remember thinking, “huh, that’s cool… we sell owls.”  Shortly after that I woke up.  Interspersed in the dream was something about a resturant that (I think I was working at) that sold pancakes and that was it… not sure if that was a seperate dream or not… none the less it was strange.

So, there you go… yeah… strange.

7 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dream

  1. I read your dream and the owl caught my eye. I immediately thought wisdom which reminded me of all the verses in Proverbs about wisdom. Especially, chapter 1…you weren’t really sure what was going on or what to do…but that didn’t stop you from moving on, finding your place, and helping these guys figure out what they needed. You were able to help them figure out WHAT they needed but weren’t able to help them find it. Then you decided to check out the area so you could be of more help later. Then you came upon the owl. You are seeking His face and studying His word…God honors that and will bestow wisdom upon you as a result. Be encouraged…you are becoming better equipped (and this won’t stop! It goes on and on). Read through the first few chapters of proverbs (like 1-4) and of course pray. Whenever I wake up from dreams that I can’t stop thinking about…I pray that God would reveal to me whatever He would have to show me (if anything at all). And without fail, He does it everytime. :o) So…those were just the first things that popped on my head, and I’ll be praying for you too.

  2. SO, I know most of the time you can tell by the ways you guys are writing…but HOW do I know if this is a Jenn post or a Ryan post????

  3. ryan post… sorry. I’ll put in code to designate them later… too busy right now.

  4. Hmmm…maybe I assumed it was Jenn…but guess it doesn’t really matter. Same theme applies. Either way…an owl in your dream is pretty cool. ;o) God will reveal it in His time.

  5. Hi, i’ll take a dive. i know extremely little about you or Jen, except that Jen and I are on the TF forum together.
    I think the fact that you were in the garden centre, a few things come to mind. Gardens; (can mean different things for different people) i think of gardens as the Dwelling place of God, His Presence, perhaps even the church or ministry. The type of ministry you have has to do with equipping people, the fact that you did not know how to work the cash/know where anything was, makes me think that God has you in a “pioneering” place, where man will not be your primary mentor, you but the Lord, Himself and His Word will be.(perhaps thats where the owls come in) – ask God for wisdom. What comes to mind is God calling you to delve in to whatever ministry you are in? and ask God – seek wisdom, persue it, so that when the people who come to be equipped (those 2 gentlemen), you’ll be able to do that. Bringing them both understanding and the goods to accomplish God’s call on them – which in this case with the wheel barrow, evangelism comes to mind….i may be way off, but i thought i’d take a stab! Blessings!

  6. Hey Ryan. Believe it or not, I’m just getting around to reading your dream. I feel like there’s a lot more to your dream than the little bit that came to me as I read it. Like the others, though, I think the owls represent wisdom.

    I think God is saying that you’ve found your place in his world. Don’t ever doubt that. Somehow, when you got to the garden section (which I think represents the Church), you just knew that that was it for you.

    I think it’s also very significant that you are on your own. Continue to help those who come to you by following your God-given instincts (just like you started walking around and looking in your dream). I can say that to you because I know that your instincts will never become a replacement for God’s Word.

    Look for the wisdom that God has planted in the place to which he has brought you. You are gaining an invaluable education. At the end of it, you may not have everything that people will ask you for, but I think that you will have great wisdom.

    If I think of anything else. I’ll let you know.