Laziness & it’s retribution

1) i keep not getting up in time to go running. I don’t know if it’s that I don’t want to run or I don’t want to get up, but one thing I do know: Not running for a week makes me grumpy for some reason. Even when i don’t particularly feel like doing it. This is weird. and annoying. I again did not run today.

2) We had family in town this past weekend (Ryan’s sister & the 3 cousins), which was a blast. I was kinda scatterbrained through it, so to alleviate some pressure i had Grace in pull-ups most of the weekend. Which is code for, “I didn’t really push the potty thing & she had lots of accidents but i didn’t particularly care since she was in a pull-up”. She had been doing well & even made it through a day at Universal w/no accidents, but is still not at a place that she’s telling me, so I have to be paying a lot of attention. I was concerned come monday that it caused some major reverting (& monday involved a LOT of not-going-on-the-potty) but yesterday we had a completely accident-free day & she didn’t even wet her naptime diaper. Go Grace. She even told me once, but of course not with the designated “potty!” but pointing to the bathroom & saying “mine”. sigh. guess they call it “baby steps” for a reason. ;)

3) It’s wednesday and i still have yet to come up with a dinner menu for the week which means I’m scrambling come 3pm every day to figure out “what’s for dinner”. it never fails. if i come up with a menu for the week on sunday the entire week runs so smoothly & dinner preparation is almost fun. yet it would seem i rarely actually practice that discipline & then pay for it the rest of the week. also weird and irritating.

Anyhow, that’s where i’ve been, still spending most of my mental energy on bodily waste & 3 meals a day, as well as catching up on housework that piled up over the long weekend. and feeling pretty darn lazy about the whole thing, which oddly enough causes more work. i think it’s time to re-institute the ‘written-out daily schedule’. this fly by the seat of my pants thing is grating my nerves.

4 thoughts on “Laziness & it’s retribution

  1. I was so proud of myself yesterday that I managed to (1) do 2 loads of laundry – but don’t ask me if I’ve folded it yet, and (2) keep one adorable 3 1/2 week old child alive! I am supposed to be cooking more now too and find it intimidating!

  2. new babies change all the rules. so yes, be excited about your accomplishments from yesterday & slowly but surely you can graduate to kitchen duties. ;)

  3. Keeping the adorable baby alive – glad that’s your first priority!! The laundry, cooking, etc. will eventually be added but always kept in the “spare time after baby’s happy” category! You are a natural mom, Amy!!

  4. Um…. sorry … I’m trying to leave a comment for Amy but I think I got it confused in someone else’s blog… that’s what happens when grandmas try to keep up with this type of stuff… oops! :)