Leftover Lunch

The camera is upstairs, otherwise i would’ve taken a picture & then likely never gotten around to writing this (with the whole ‘having to upload the picture’ thing..the excuse today is that ryan is doing web-work this weekend so he’s hogging the computer). Anyhow, wanted to share a recipe. The kids & I had Curry and Cranberry (turkey) Salad. Thanks google.

Of course I made some changes, so here’s “my” recipe:

4 cups cooked turkey (or chicken

2.5 cups (very finely diced) apple

3/4 cup cranberries

1 cup finely chopped celery

1 cup mayo

2TBS apple cider vinegar (or red wine)

1TBS lemon juice

spices: 1/2 tsp salt, 1TBS curry powder, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (+/-)


In a large bowl thoroughly combine mayonnaise,  ginger, cayenne and  vinegar.


To the dressing, add the chicken and all other ingredients. Mix thoroughly so that ingredients are evenly distributed. Chill in the refrigerator for at least half an hour before serving. (says the ‘rules’ but i did not do this & it was great) I could’ve left out the salt since the turkey already has a hint of saltiness to it from the brine, but I forgot to account for that.

Even though it was a teensy bit on the salty side, it was as grace says, “dishis-oso” (delicioso). I had to cut myself off so there would be enough for lunches later in the week. The kids’ verdict: Grace hated it & refused to eat more than one required bite (no gagging though). Asher gave absolutely no complaint & ate his all up saying it was good. However, i think it would be more accurate to say he didn’t HATE it. Because he’s now at a place where he will out of obedience eat darn near anything we tell him he has to, but if it’s a hated food there will be a touch of complaining &/or asking of how much HAS to be eaten. Anyhow, he did none of that, but he did eat a tad slow & had a contemplative expression while chewing as if to say, “ok, it’s not GROSS…just keep chewing..”.

Ryan of course detests mayo & is not a “fan” of curry, so he had a more traditional post-thanksgiving lunch of a warm turkey sandwich that has all the sides (except stuffing) + cheese in it.

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