Lemon-aid Date

yesterday asher took me on a ‘date’. I went running after church (i was fighting the desire for a nap..& the ick & grump that would follow if i gave in to the nap…). on my way home I passed some kids w/a lemon-aid stand, so i told them i’d come back after i finished my run. i got home & got asher & asked him if he would take me on a date & buy me some lemon-aid. we got 50cents out of his piggy bank & put them in his pocket. he was sooo excited & all puffed up & manly. it was hilarious. when we got there he gave them the money & (so quietly that the kids didn’t hear) asked for two lemon-aid’s. we stood there sipping it for awhile & chatted w/the kids then walked home still drinking. he kept going on about what a great date it was & how he “just loved” that lemon-aid & “really liked how kind those kids were” (i didn’t have the heart to tell him they just wanted his money). I thanked him profusely for buying me lemon-aid with his own special money (it was the first time he’s used his money). it was super cute & precious. we got home & he ran in to ryan to tell him about our “date”.

5 thoughts on “Lemon-aid Date

  1. That was soooooo sweet. I guess he is like his DAD – he likes to do special stuff for his Lady!!!