Let’s Try This Again

So, I’ve mentioned already this morning my new penchant for whining & complaining.  In fact, even as I type, my mind is whirling with petty complaints & “blahs”.  I say this not to complain more, but because it’s easy to put on the happy face.  Especially blogging.  To only share the amazing parts of life.   don’t get me wrong, I mostly want to share & read about the amazing parts.  No one wants to be bogged down with drudgery & complaint. But in case you weren’t aware…yeah, it’s not always roses.  ;)

Anyhow, I was just thinking about this little nugget coming up, and decided to make an executive decision to allow the children to take a bath instead of shower this morning so i can sit (in the bathroom with the laptop) and share it with ya’ll.  Lest I leave us all on a grumpy whiny note for the day.

This morning while going through my blog reader, I read this post on the GTS site about treasuring Christ while studying in seminary.  Clearly I’m not in seminary, but it’s a good point for all of us to remember.  Anyhow, the following quote struck me deeply and I’ve been meditating on it the past hour. I don’t think we need to be constantly walking around literally weeping about the Goodness of God or that emotion is the only indication of spirituality.  However, especially for someone like me, who is just wired somewhat emotionally (it was once suggested that i “worship with my tears” due to the fact that I can hardly talk about anything related to Christ without breaking down…and I often cry at random moments, like communion or while singing or the reading of a passage of scripture that moves me…ha).  So for me to read this was deeply moving and like a medicine to my whiny self-centered soul.

Make sure your heart is still sensitive. Here’s a quick test. See what (if any) affectional responses you have to these words: Jesus. Gospel. Grace. Sovereign. Cross. Mercy. Glory.  At least some times, our eyes should be wet against the beauty of these words, these truths.

My personal favorites:  Gospel, Grace, Mercy.

As I read on another blog yesterday, how am i today?  “I am better than I deserve to be”.   Let our eyes be “wet against the beauty of these words, these truths.”   Thanks Paul.

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