ran across this quote today in an article that i’m not sure how i ended up finding let alone reading (well, i read it b/c i’m a Keillor fan, but no recollection of how i ended up there. Somehow googling to find a sesame chicken recipe, ended with blogging about a Keillor quote).

I think that past the age of thirty there is no obligation to be clever at all. Cleverness is a burden after that. You are supposed to settle down and be a good person, raise your children, and be good to your friends, which you may not have been back when you were clever.

-Garrison Keillor (the Prarie home companion guy)

Whew, 6 more months & then i’m off the hook.

3 thoughts on “Liberation

  1. We always listened to Garrison Keillor on road trips with my dad when we were kids. Ah, Lake Woebegone and all those attractive Swedes who live there! I always liked Guy Noir, the private detective, and the constant adds for “duck” tape. Garrison is clever, even if he is past 30.

  2. I know you posted this a while ago, but I don’t always get to get on here and read your blogs in a timely matter. But your blog grabbed me and made me feel better about my sometimes lacking smarts. I’m in the clear and now know I have been for 2 years 7 months. :) I feel so much better now.