Limited experience and Interpretation of Tounges.

This post is primarily for grandparents….or anyone else who enjoys tidbit stories about my kids…

A few things I find amusing:

Due to limited life experience asher thinks these items are named as follows:

Gas Station Convenience Stores = Gatorade Stores
Wine Glass = Biscuit Cutter
Chipotle = The Place Where Quesadillas Live (Though he does on occasion call that one “Chipole”)

Definitions for Grace’s “words” (not an exhaustive list)

Jenn = Mama (used to be “give me whatever it is I’m wanting/needing right now” but she seems to have figured out it’s actually my name)
Ryan = Dada
Asher = DehDeh (easily confused with Dada)
Cup = Bup (occasionally her sippy cup is “baba”)
Book = buup
Poop = boop boo (yes, she’s already alerting me to her bowel status)

Anything she doesn’t yet have a word for = Buh

There are more, but I can’t figure out how to type them & can’t quite remember the phonetics. For example she says, “thank-you” (while signing it) but much like asher’s name…no one but me knows she’s saying it.

There’s a few signs as well. What’s fun is when she changes them from what I teach her. Like “please” should be rubbing one open-palmed hand horizontally on your chest (according to me anyway). She rubs both hands (if available) in fists vertically on her sides and/or chest.

My favorite sign is, “sleepy”. The other night we were downstairs playing & she walked over to me & said, “momma?” & made the sleepy sign. she uses the same sign for “sleepy” as “blanket”, so it could’ve been either but I asked her if she wanted to go to bed & she gave an emphatic head nod, “yes”. She was in bed thumb in mouth in no time (if it’s past 6:55pm & a kid tells me s/he’s tired, I do not pass up the opportunity for early bedtime).

2 thoughts on “Limited experience and Interpretation of Tounges.

  1. I love reading tidbits about your kids. =)
    I found the perception of a wine glass particularly amusing.

  2. Hee hee! I love it! You did learn some of your mothers traits : ). If a chiled says I want to go to bed why fight it, the same goes to let them sleep in the morning as long as they need if there is no need to get them up.