Liver Club

A few days ago I joined a “liver challenge” on the Traditional Foods Forum I frequent. It was started by a gal that was wanting to up her liver consumption for energy problems (B vitamins & iron), but couldn’t afford a quality liver supplement (yep, you can take liver in the form of pills). Really, liver (as a food) is such a great nutrient-dense food…and SO CHEAP. From a ‘supplement’ stand-point, it can make one downright giddy considering the savings.

However, most people don’t exactly have a TASTE for the meat. Lucky for me, I was blessed with a very impressionable personality, and began liking liver when I was 10. Exactly 10. We got to have a ‘big’ birthday party every 5 years, and on my 10th I had a slumber party, where I managed for the first time in my life to stay up “all night”. Needless to say, I took a big nap that next afternoon, and when my parents woke me for dinner they apparently did not REALLY wake me. We had liver & my mom noted that I was unusually quiet with a lack of grumbling about the dish, then went right back to bed. When i woke up later, asking when dinner was going to be, we realized i sleep-walked through dinner (not entirely surprising, i was a somewhat avid sleep walker/talker). Anyhow, my mom told me we had liver & that I liked it. I figured at that point, “oh, i guess i like liver now”. I’ve liked it ever since. So my “challenge” will be to cook it even though I’m the only one eating it. I’m not a fan of extra cooking JUST for one person.

So the ‘liver challenge’ is to aim for at least 2oz. of liver into your body each week. Until just a moment ago though, I thought it was each DAY. That’s a big difference. Some are going the ‘raw’ route, just slicing it up into pill-sized pieces & swallowing it raw (from organic/grassfed animals, frozen at least 14 days to kill parasites), others cooked. since I don’t trust my ‘source’, i’m going with cooked. Yesterday I cooked up a pound of chicken livers into some pate. I think i’ve eaten far more than 2oz thus far. it’s REALLY good. I got the recipe from KerryAnn’s Recipe Archive & made a few modifications b/c I didn’t have ALL ingredients on hand. Basically it was livers, bacon grease, onions, mayo & run through the food processor. mmm……I should probably ration it out or i’ll end up not fitting my jeans anymore. I’m all for “real” fats, but increased calories are increased calories and that is one high calorie snack!

Anyone want to join in? Anyone?……Bueller?…..Bueller?…. :enter chirping crickets:

2 thoughts on “Liver Club

  1. I think it smells great when it’s being fried up, like steak even! However, it tastes like crap (to me)! I keep trying it and not liking it.

    So the answer is NO, but keep us posted.