Long Hair & babywearing

On a much less “deep thought” level…..a couple random pics for you:

my hair is getting long. I like it, it’s fun. What I don’t like is that it takes 15min to make it look ‘pretty’ if i wear it down & it kinda bugs my neck so i find myself flipping it off my neck a lot….i can only imagine how silly i must look doing that:


And, I finally figured out how to ‘wrap’ grace on my hip. Here she is a few nights ago. I strapped her on & put asher on a chair & the two of them helped me make pizza. We had a blast (vs. the usual, “both kids crying in the doorway while i try to get dinner made”):


3 thoughts on “Long Hair & babywearing

  1. I did notice that your hair was getting long… I like it. Can’t wait ’til mine’s that long. =) Of course at the rate it’s going, I have to wait like a year… humph.