Long week that just won’t stop

So, just got home from work and am not entirely looking forward to the weekend. I have a tremendous amount of web development work to do. I think I have 2 sites to build from the ground up, a blog to modify, and two sites to edit… sheesh… sounds like a great weekend.

In somewhat realated news, I’ve been trying to figure out how our family is going to pay the bills while attending seminary at RTS come January. While my web development and Jenn’s part time job will help, we’re still a good bit short of our already bare-bones budget. So, what to do… my current solution involves becoming a professional blogger… yes… it is actually a career choice now. I really let the idea run wild in my head after reading about this girl who makes $700-900 a month through her blog… arg…

So far, I think the biggest hindrance to pursuing my blogging career is that I just don’t have a niche… I’m not an expert on anything… It’s the continual curse of being a jack-of-all-trades. Again, it bites me in the ass. See, to be a pro blogger you have to have a site that people want to come and hear what you have to say. While, yeah, you come to the daily burns, unfortunately the masses are exactly draining our bandwidth. The problem is that the daily burns is only really fun if you know the burns family… if not, then in the words of Drew Cowles, “meh.”

So, in short, if you have any ideas of ways to make lots of money that don’t require lots of time… and might include blogging… well, shoot them my way.

3 thoughts on “Long week that just won’t stop

  1. I ran into this same problem recently. I was wondering if there might be a way to make money online while I’m stuck at home resting. I ran across things such as professional blogging and being an expert search engine person… but as you said, they all require expertise in one area, and I, too, am not an expert in any one area (although they say that I am likely one of the top experts on the psychological study of humility at this point in time, but then who really wants to know about that?).

    I don’t really have anything helpful to say; just wanted to say that I understand your frustration. =) Although, I bet Jenn could be an expert on natural/organic living ;-)