Mad (Food) Scientist

About a month ago (or whenever it was), a few days before leaving for Destin I made some bread.  I made some gluten-free experimental bread for the kids & I & then went & bought some regular wheat bread for ryan (Sorry…i’m not THAT nice…he doesn’t get home-made bread all for himself).  Usually I would buy him sprouted bread or the like, but that particular day I went to a store that didn’t have it, so I went with whatever had a list of ingredients that least offended me (& i still left pretty offended).  I forgot to put them in the fridge before we left.  When we came home a week later, my bread had a rather scary colony of mold ALL OVER IT.  Ryan’s bread was perfectly “edible”.  This gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I don’t feel comfortable with food that can sit out in a warm cupboard for a week or more and be in the original state.

I am a fan of slow food….”traditional food” if you will.  One of my internet ‘trad-food’ comrades has me all excited about sourdough bread.  I’m sort of on hold till I find out if Asher has gluten issues, but I have been tinkering with her gluten-free recipe (not successfully yet) and just tonight got some whole-wheat dough started using this method (not a true sourdough, but fascinating principles…i will be reading the book very soon).

i’ve also got some new additions to what I like to refer to as my ‘crazy closet of fermentation’ i put together today…it’s fun to work in a ‘living kitchen’….”it’s allliiiiiive!!!”   ;)

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