Making Things Official

Since I (FINALLY) learned how to upload pictures to the blog the other day, I decided to purpose to take & add more pictures. We’ll see how that goes….best laid plans and all.

So for my picture debut (unfortunately my pics will not be the artistic quality that you are by now used to from Ryan): Rain boots. From what i’ve gathered, they are to Washingtonians as flip flops are to Floridians. I kept meaning to get rain boots while in florida (but never found any small enough), but since the storms were usually short lived & the weather hot, the ground wasn’t actually wet all that often…and since it was hot, flip flops worked just as well as boots would. Here however it’s just kind of damp a lot…and when it does rain, it lingers awhile and isn’t violent enough to keep people out of it. In fact I’ve noticed people seem downright unaffected when it starts to rain…out walking dogs & to the bus stop…sans umbrellas. There has been a decided lack of umbrellas altogether from what I can tell. Guess it’s hard to get stuff done trying to tote those around. So rain boots & jackets it is. Next we’ll have to shop for some raincoats…

Both children 100% picked out their own boots with no input from me. I prepared my ego for the reality that I would probably have to buy spiderman boots. However, Asher with no hesitation chose these rather hip-looking pair (I promise until he was 100% satisfied w/his choice i maintained a neutral expression & said nothing).

Couldn't get a good view of the kicks on full-body shot

Grace not so much but I’ve come to expect nothing less and I love her choice too. They are cool in a different way. :) It was a fun experiment in personality. She calls them her, “witty tat doots”

She was hamming it up big time here.  turned out cute though

Me? Well…I’m my daughter’s mother. I couldn’t decide between lady bugs & flowers. Grace made the final decision for me. Admittedly I saw a woman wearing these at the Farm last weekend & really liked them.

Flower Girl

Now i feel like a local. ;)

One thought on “Making Things Official

  1. I saw some green frog rain boots at Target about a month ago. So, for fun I put them on Nathan’s feet right there at the end cap. Nathan thought it was pretty cool. But, I noticed they for 15 dollars…and no we don’t really need them here in Florida. :) I also like to read him books while shopping to. Then I put them back on the shelves. :)