Marine Corps Marathon Results:

A few weeks ago my dad & I ran the Marine Corps Marathon…(10k)… It was a good time. I have to say, it definitely did not have that “fun run” feeling the monument ave 10k has (can I give that one more plug? seriously even if you walk it, richmonders need to participate in that…it’s super fun!). It had more of a competitive vibe…not to mention it was colder, there were a couple hills (the last one really hurt but that’s b/c it was the last 1/3 of a mile of the race) & we were running INTO the wind (did i mention it was windy?) just about the entire time. They also did not have the “corral” starts, so we got stuck behind slow folks & walkers for the first mile & 1/2…so our first mile was 11min, i think the second was just over 10…not a good start when you’re trying to finish under an hour. Anyhow, regardless of all that complaining, we did improve our time from the last race. I finished in 1:02:08. I’m not going to give you details….but I know I could’ve finished a few min. faster, really thinking I could have gotten under an hour were it not for unforeseen circumstances.

One thing that was really cool was on our way to the car we stopped and watched the marathoners as they crossed I think the 20mi. marker (maybe it was 16…I forget). That was incredibly inspiring & it really looked like all shapes & sizes of folks were running. I always have in my head a picture of tall skinny people being marathoners.

So I officially have the “bug”. I fully intend to continue running random races…but the newest obsession has to do with moving to the Orlando area. I’m contemplating running the Disney Marathon in 2009. I figured originally I would do the half…but I have over a year for training (most people I’ve talked to & websites I’ve read say it takes 6mo to train)…& I WANT to do the full marathon….so… I have been spending a little too much time staring at this training schedule trying to decide if I will do it.

Things that will help me make a decision:

  • Ryan has to be on board….I will do the short runs in the mornings before the kids get up (or at a gym if we can afford that…), but the long weekend runs & once I hit 7+ miles during a weekday (unless my speed improves from 8.5min/mile) he may have to help get the kids up &/or fed on some mornings (I can’t get up at 5:00 to run…sorry..). I think I had a green light for the half…but the verdict is out on the full (no pressure..)
  • It would be great to have a partner. They don’t have to live nearby, we can train together virtually. But it may seal the deal if someone comes down to run it with me.

Regardless, I will at least do the half (remember…2009). Who’s in?

4 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Results:

  1. That sounds awesome Jenn! I was thinking about getting into running races right before I got pregnant. I have a friend here who is really into it. We have a lot of races in Jacksonville, at least 8 a year! I don’t know about a marathon..but it’s a noble idea. :)

  2. For the record… I can’t be her marathon partner because I have a bad hip. Maybe if it was a bike race… and I had a bike… none the less, I’m not sure a marathon will ever be in the cards for me. :(

  3. aww go jen!

    not to be the “negative one”- but make sure you understand just how much time you will be spending running… alot- pretty much a 1/3 of your life during training time… and it will get old- but if you are self motivated then you should do really well :).

    but yes, ALOT of time. haha ahhhhh

  4. gee, thx monica! ;) Yeah…thus the “staring at the training schedule” comment…& “ryan has to be on board”. Which, btw, he gave me the green light, so in a few months, team Burns will begin training. It’ll take me a few months to slowly work up to the “pre-training” requirement before starting the actual marathon program…don’t want to rush things & risk injury.

    Speaking of avoiding injury….now to go read about shoes….i’m a little over-due for some new kicks….