Marvelous Muffin Mania…mmmm…

I don’t have time to devote to all the nit-picky-rambly details that would usually accompany a post like this. Suffice to say: The recipe has taken over a year of off & on trial and error (admittedly mostly off). There are also easier ways to obtain the phytate reduction & easier digestibility that this recipe includes, but….they’re not as fun. or light & fluffy…Oh & fyi: you DO NOT i repeat DO NOT need to do any dehydrating or flour milling for this recipe.

1) The nit-picky trick is you have to get the wheat when it is JUST BARELY starting to sprout little tails. if they get longer than just barely poking out, the starch-to-sugar conversion will go too far & render the muffins gluey. at least in my non-scientific experience.

2) I made this in my super-de-duper Vitamix. I suspect it MIGHT work in a ‘regular blender’, but this is coming from a woman who killed 1 “regular blender” a year for the past 4 years. If nothing else it will void a ‘regular blender’ warranty for sure.

3) i’d like to try using honey instead of sucanat, but the deal w/the sprouted wheat is it is puffed up w/water, so you have to lessen the moisture in the recipe. i wasn’t up for trialing with a moist(er) sweetener. If you do, let me know!!

Sprouted (or well, germinated), ‘flourless’ Whole Wheat Muffins

Rinse 2 or 3 cups of wheat berries & soak 10hrs or overnight. Place in a colander (i like to use one of those handy dandy types that have arms to balance over the sink), cover with a damp towel & ‘water’ (rinse)…often…? I do it everytime i walk through the kitchen. This can take 1-1.5 days. As soon as you start seeing a little sprouty guy poking out of most of them (sorry, they don’t sprout uniformly), make your muffins, or refrigerate the wheat & make them as soon as you can.

3/4 cup buttermilk (i used milk + 2TBS lemon juice as a sub for buttermilk)
Scant 1/2 cup oil (or melted butter. i used melted coconut oil)
1 egg
2 cups + 2 TBS germinated wheat berries (i used soft white wheat this go-round)
1/2 cup sucanat
1tsp vanilla, optional (i’m a freak about vanilla & use 1TBS but i’ve never seen a recipe recommend that)
1tsp cinnamon (optional)
2TBS (whole) flaxseeds
1tsp salt
1tsp baking soda
1tsp baking powder

Put all ingredients except baking soda & powder (i recommend measuring that out into a small bowl to pour in quickly at the same time at the end) into the vitamix & blend well. Open lid & stir in the baking soda & powders with a spoon & then pour into muffin tin (if adding fruit, stir that in before the powders). Bake at 400 for 15-30min until done. (when i use stoneware it takes longer than metal, thus the large time difference. just keep an eye on them till they start looking goldeny).

**for banana muffins, use 1-2 ripe bananas & a bit less oil.

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  2. Ok, if I can use my vitamixer, I might finally venture into backing… did you use the wet blade? I don’t have the dry blade.