Meal Planning for Neurotic People

Sorry, this is not a ‘how-to’ post. Mostly I’m just complaining about meal planning & that I’m neurotic so I make it hard on myself. I just finished september’s menu. Added to the usual challenge of:

    I like variety
    Ryan’s not big on variety
    I like exotic things, lots of veggies & trying new things
    Ryan..not so much
    I have outrageous expectations for healthiness

Notice, My requirements are the ones making it difficult. Ryan would be fine if each day of the week got a meal & I just rotated that all month long. That would make life VERY easy. But no….i’m Neurotic. Oh & i like to occasionally include things (along with pizza & a movie every friday) that I know the kids will eat with no complaint. It’s a very short list so I only go for it every other week or so, but those nights sure are peaceful…

Okay, so added to this I’ve been experimenting with the ‘Specific Carbohydrate Diet’ (SCD) and the ‘Gut & Psychology Syndrome’ Diet (GAPS) for myself. I don’t feel up for major details, but: It’s not about weight-loss. Basically I’ve been dealing with some stomach issues as well as increased fatigue, brain fog, mood, increased PMS, ect. The stomach stuff onset about when Grace was born and i realized a few weeks back that it was almost non-existent when we were in florida….and pretty much gluten-free, casein-free. So I decided to trial some gluten-free for myself (not the rest of the fam.) and after a few days things were noticeably better. Darn. ;) Anyhow, then I FINALLY got hold of the GAPS book, of which i’ve read excerpts from and have been ‘meaning’ to read for over a year. It really resounded with me, and from there I read up on the SCD diet (not a weight-loss thing, a ‘heal your gut’ thing) which GAPS was based from. Anyhow TONS of fascinating reading. HIGHLY recommend it. I still haven’t decided which i’m going to do, though for ease i’ve been leaning more towards SCD. A friend let me borrow “Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet“, which has been VERY helpful (the almond meal muffins passed ryan’s taste test for ‘normal’ & yummy!). For the past 5 days anyhow, I have been totally grain-free and sugar-free (except for honey) and upped my veggie consumption. A big downside was realizing that Asher likely should do this too…cutting out garlic helped his physical symptoms tremendously, but he still has some sensitivities there… from the reading it sounds like he just needs some more time with ‘gentle’ foods to let his gut heal from all the garlic damage from his first 3.6 years. But have i mentioned he’s picky? I’m not sure i’m ready to ‘go there’. Since i will eat darn near anything, it’s been easy for just me to be on the wacko-diet. I need some time to hone my allergen-free cooking skills, so I won’t be pushing it 100% on him yet. Normal pizza is still on the menu. Not for me though…. Seeing as how easy it is to make the pizza crust i use now, I decided normal pizza at the very least will always be on the menu for Ryan. That poor guy puts up with a lot. He deserves his pizza. ;) (unless he decides otherwise).

So: it took me 2.5 hours to make September’s dinner menu. There were a few nights that I just said “to heck with it” and I will just eat something else. Leftovers or salad or something. I’m fine with a quick meal of hard boiled egg & steamed chard. But I can’t quite expect anyone else to eat that.

for the curious I’ll post the menu, note how uninspired i am regarding side-dishes. after all the effort with the main dish i almost never put effort into sides. Warmed up frozen veggies mostly. For those not curious, this is the end. Thank-you and Good Bye.

5 – Beef Heart Kebobs, Green beans, potatoes for everyone but me. (Steak for ryan)
6 – Cookout @ friends’ house. Bringing Honey baked Lentils (from freezer). Not sure yet what I’ll eat.
7 – SCD friendly shepherd’s pie. (mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes)
8 – savory crock pot chicken over rice (not for me) w/broccoli
9 – Spicy Fried Fish, snow pea saute
10 – Beef Stew (celeriac instead of potatoes in there)
11 – Pan Roasted Chicken, cauliflower ‘rice’, green beans
12 – going to a wedding. we’ll see.
13 – Pasta w/bread (I will have either spaghetti squash or thinly sliced zuchinni for mock-pasta)
14 – southwest chicken & black bean stew
15 – Breakfast for dinner: Eggs, nitrate-free bacon (pre-cooked & reheated…i might skip. not sure i’ll find an scd-friendly brand), coconut flour drop biscuits (pre-cooked). — we have ‘soccer practice’ that evening.
16 – salmon…not sure with what yet
17 – leftovers (another soccer night)
18 – Pizza
19 – beef stroganoff (thinly sliced egg ‘noodles’ for me), broccoli
20 – Almond fried Halibut, butternut squash & celeriac home fries
21 – Roast Chicken, green beans, leftover home fries
22 – Mexican (this means quesadillas for kids, burrito for ryan, ‘bowl burrito’ for me)
23 – Jamaican Jerk chicken, lima beans, ‘rice’ (or maybe real rice & i’ll just eat more lima beans)
24 – Steak, mashed cauliflower, green beans
25 – Pizza
26 – Lasagna (salad for me)…contemplated a mock lasagna but I’ll spare the family this month.
27 – Beef Roast, butternut squash french fries
28 – SCD Salmon Patties (uses almond meal instead of bread crumbs). not sure on the side dish yet
29 – Lemon Pepper Chicken w/honey lemon sauce…and veggies for side.
30 – Mexican
1 – Szechuan Chicken (from reserved chicken) w/’noodles’ (zuchinni strips).
2 – Pizza
3 – Hamburgers, squash fries

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning for Neurotic People

  1. 2.5 hours for the whole month? sometimes it takes me almost 2 hours to plan for one week! i’m impressed. :)

    and unfortunately, i think a few in our family could benefit from that diet too. i already feel like i’m putting way too much work into what we eat, and that would seem to make it even more work, so i’m dragging my feet. i’m very interested in hearing how it goes with you.