Mechana Blackberry Muffins

Week two of the Burns Family Adventure in Bellingham is coming to a close.  So far I have resolved to get some sort of schedule for cleaning & kid activities as well as a menu plan for next week.  As I’ve mentioned in the past…I don’t do well flying by the seat of my pants.  Usually it means the kids end up watching an hour of tv before dad comes home b/c I’ve had all I could of playing imaginary games & reffing fights while trying to cook dinner.

However, one unplanned activity this week that turned out to be LOTS of fun for all was blackberry picking.  It seems awfully late in the year for blackberries, but on walks & even driving around I’ve seen TONS of bushes that appeared to have a decent crop still on them.  So a couple days ago after nap time, i got the kids bundled & we went on a blackberry picking walk around the neighborhood.  We came back with about 4 cups of over-ripe-turning-to-mush-in-the-bag blackberries.  Mmmm…..the kids did surprisingly well.  There are no pickable berries from the ground to about 3 feet high on any bushes in a mile radius of the house & neither of them sustained any injuries.  I did not fare so well….

In other news, with a new locale often comes new tv shows.  I somehow stumbled upon a show called Animal Mechanicals.  I’m such a nerd when it comes to tv for the kids.  I like for them to not watch more than 30min/day & i’m rather particular about what they watch.  I think this is probably the first show that they watch that doesn’t have a clear teaching objective.  Admittedly, that bugs me.  But..well…it’s not like any shows i watch have any educational value….  and if nothing else it does seem to have sparked their imaginations.  From dawn till dusk I have various “animal mechanicals” stretching, lifting and flying around my house.  Grace seems to have settled with the unicorn as her favorite (which means whenever she goes up or down the steps i have to carry her in a flying position), and Asher goes back & forth between the strong Rex & Stretchy Sasquatch.  And everything we do is “mechana”.

Case in point:  This morning we had “Mechana Muffins”.

Ok I should probably go get “Mechana Dressed” now.

One thought on “Mechana Blackberry Muffins

  1. imagination inhancing is a learning experiance too so it can’t be that bad of a show : ). Muffins!! mmmm they sound great! Of course when you are dieting anything like that sounds good : ).