Mildly Famous

Just sitting here waiting for the children to wake up and remembered that I forgot to mention that I was mildly famous the other day. It is a long story, but I’m featured in an article about people who can’t be with family over the Christmas. The journalist also interviewed mom, so she gets famous on page 2. I’ll post the opening of the article here and you can follow the link for the rest of the story:

For the first time in his life, Ryan Burns can’t afford to go home for the holidays. During Christmases past, he and his wife and two kids have traditionally spent much of the day in the car driving from their home in Orlando, Fla., to gatherings with their parents and grandparents, who live in various towns in Georgia.

But in October, Burns, 30, had to take a job that relocated the family to Bellingham, Wash., even though he’d been looking for one that would have kept them closer to home. Just a few weeks ago, it hit him that he couldn’t afford to travel for Christmas this year.

“I just had that kind of homesick feeling when I realized I’m not going to get to see my mom, my dad, my brothers and sisters this year,” says Burns, who works for a company marketing Bible study software.

read the rest of the article.

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