Grace has a new word that does not sound like her new word.   I’ve mentioned before that she has been on a “unicorn” kick recently.  Today she started talking about her “horn”…the unicorn horn.  She runs around saying, “I got my horn” or “I found my horn”.   However, what it sounds like is:   “I got my whore” or “I found my whore”.

Fantastic.  I can only imagine what the children’s church workers will think of it tomorrow…especially since her “unicorn” doesn’t sound much like unicorn either.  ;)

One thought on “Misunderstood

  1. BIG lols! Awww…you have the cutest family stories. That one reminds of a story my mom told me about my when my brother was very young. While at Sunday School (of all places) a visiting child said a very horrible four letter word that I hate and of course won’t type here. My brother who was WAAAY across the room heard it and repeated it. sure shows you how the devil works. Why did he pick up THAT word…way over there? Anyway, the sunday school helper was very scared and embarrassed to have to tell my mom about the incident in case the word was ever repeated again, she would know where he got it. How do you explain that your child got that word at Sunday School? He never said it again (thank God). Well, he didn’t as a child anyway.