Mom’s for Modesty

I stumbled on this website this morning (as you may guess…not an entirely productive morning…arg…). This tends to be one of my soapboxes as well, so thought i’d ‘spread the word’. It’s just a little protest blog.

The link that led me to the site said, “cuz our daughter’s aren’t trash & shouldn’t dress like it”.  Preach it sister.
Mom’s For Modesty

Love you Grace.

One thought on “Mom’s for Modesty

  1. How I wish adult women I know would get this message….There is a staff person at my office, lovely personality, who looks like she is trying out for a Hooters girl waitressing job when she shows up to work and I just keep thinking, doesn’t she realize that she is hanging out of her clothes and no one takes that seriously? It’s not as though you get dressed by accident in the morning. This trend is all the more grating when you see adult women dressing their little girls like Bratz dolls. Thanks for providing this link, from the mother of a future little girl, who will be dressed modestly as long as I have a hand in it! :)