Monday Musings on Sunday Sermons

So, for the next couple weeks we are looking at the life of Daniel. Before I begin to muse on the sermon I want to say that it was really nice to be back in church. We haven’t been in a couple weeks and it was really really good to be back. While I could probably give you all kinds of theological reasons why it is important to be a part of a local church, today I’ll just submit that it felt good. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was as if something had been missing in our lives and all the sudden I had found it… like, “oh, yeah… there it is.” Not sure if that made sense, but none the less…

So, Daniel. Yes.

So here are the thoughts in my head after hearing the sermon:

  1. What does it mean or look like to have your “life choices based on your life in God?”
  2. Daniel was a SLAVE for 70 years +/-
  3. Daniel was “10 times better” in wisdom and understanding and yet, still a slave

1. This was the first of two observations on Daniel’s life from the sermon and I still can’t figure out what that really means. I mean, yeah, I understand the concept… I choose God over the King and get thrown in the lion’s den… but really, what does it look like? What does it mean to have your “life in God?” What does “life in God” look like at 7 a.m. on Monday morning, or when your kids scream and cry all the time, or when you haven’t read your bible in a week, or when… What really is “life in God?”

Then, what does it look like to base you life choices on that?

Been pondering on that one. Anyone (especially those who heard the sermon) want to share your thoughts?

2. Dude, I don’t care how far you advance in the King’s palace… at the end of the day, Daniel was a slave for most of his life. That bites. I guess that helps bring some balance to a “health and wealth” gospel. Which leads me to #3…

3. Yeah, Daniel was blessed by God and was 10 time better than the magicians and enchanters… thus promoted in the Kings court. However, as great as Daniel was and and blessed as he was by God… he was still the King’s slave. It amazes me how badly we want the good stuff we see in scripture yet are so quick to glance over the bad. Yeah, I want to be 10 times better at just about everything in life. Do I want to serve at the bidding of another man, day and night… be taken from my family, sent through a brain washing camp, thrown in with a bunch of magicians and enchanters, and on and on… Well, honestly, no… I just want the 10 times better part.

But I guess that’s not part of the story. Daniel was a prisoner of war. He was taken from his family. He was at the beckoned call of another man. He was forced to live a life he did not chose… But he loved Jesus and was 10 times wiser than all the fools and their false Gods.

Hmmm… there is something to chew on this week.

Anyone else want to muse on this sermon or one you might have heard?

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings on Sunday Sermons

  1. “It amazes me how badly we want the good stuff we see in scripture yet are so quick to glance over the bad.”

    one thing i remember robert always speaking about was the idea of worshipping a false image of the one true God… and the aspect of God’s character that allows and ordains “bad things” or whatever is definetly something I’ve been mulling over the past few months…

    somethings I think about the fact that there are those willing to go out and preach the gospel and die for it- I’m not there yet- I’m still too selfish. God’s readjusting my eyes to see who He truly is- and its been a bit frightning.

    this sermon series sounds exciting (I love talking about the OT) i’m sad ill miss it all :(

  2. Sort of in response to the first point regarding “life in God,” God keeps pointing me to the concept of “practicing His presence.” I read Brother Lawrence’s book last week Sunday morning when I managed to end up stranded in the country with no gas in my car (don’t ask). I think he understood what “life in God” means…a constant awareness of His presence in all moments–ordinary and otherwise. How you get there, I’m not so sure about. Lawrence says it just takes practice. Too bad self-regulation is not one of my strong points…

  3. I’m going to quote your blog in our group discussion on Daniel tonight if that’s OK. This second sermon on Daniel touched on these points a lot better- a long obedience in the same direction (which, if anyone was wondering, has been made famous in the Christian world by Euguene Peterson about 20 years ago but he lifted it from F. Neitzche.) So your points fit in really well with the thought about a long obedience…