Monday Musings on Sunday Sermons

Ever have one of those Sunday mornings where your brain refuses to pay attention. Well, confession time, that was me yesterday. Not that I think Pastor Doug reads my blog, but in the case that he does, I’m sorry… it was my brains fault.

For those who wonder, my brain, instead of paying attention, decided to think about planting a church in Orlando. That’s right, my brain invest 45 minutes it could have been learning about Daniel to think about what it would be like to move to Orlando and start a church… It was really strange, especially I don’t think of myself as “lead planter” material. In fact, the mental journey was kind of scary.

The funny part was how my brain decided to start the church. It all started with a Sunday morning meeting at this trendy, “un-cool” cool coffee/bar/video store that where my brother and sister-in-law hang out. It wasn’t a church service, but rather a Q&A about Christianity… The shop has a stage and an area where it would work… and my brain decided to run through all kinds of situations from the irate person who storms the stage all the way to it actually working and a church being born… coincidently, if it worked, my brain decided to name the church after the coffee/bar/video store.

Anyway, if you ever catch me staring off into space and you wonder what I’m thinking… just know… I might be planting a church… or thousands of other oddities.

Happy monday.

One thought on “Monday Musings on Sunday Sermons

  1. We should probably talk about this :) In all seriousness, I’ve been wanting to schedule some time with you and hear more about your hopes for ministry, etc. So is the coffee house Stardust? B/c if so, I’ve thought of that as a church plant site possibility. Funny stuff.