Monday Musings on Sunday Sermons

There are some preachers that I naturally seem to connect with and I understand everything that is being said. Then, there are other preachers that, at the end of the day, I have no clue what they were talking about. Please hear me out here. This is not a knock to those preachers, rather an observation that different people connect differently with speakers. (It actually seems like, most of the time, the preachers I don’t understand are the one’s that everyone thinks are the greatest preachers ever born).

This is where I think that “Life Together” (the sermon series our Elders are teaching through) really comes into play. See, I am not alone. I sit in a auditorium with over 75 other people who are also listening to the same message. However, some of them are connecting magnificently with the speaker. Then, as we spend our lives with one another, I have the opportunity, as I did last evening, to ask others, “so, what did you get from the sermon this morning?” Then, the beauty of the community Jesus has formed begins to shine. Others begin to help me see and understand things that, until that point, were simply disjointed concepts and verses.

So, my musing this morning is less about the actual sermon and more on the sermon’s title “Life Together – Growth.” See, to truly grow requires sharing your life with others… Oh, and God makes things grow…

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