Monday Musings on Sunday’s….nursery…

This past week I committed in my mind to participate in this week’s musings….I was all geared up, we are actually in town, no one is sick, & I was not working in children’s church. Wow, I may actually sit through a sermon for once! No….I forgot that (A) Grace needs to be fed at 11:30 (taking up at least 30min) & (B) she is in a transition of dropping her first nap (which would be during church anyway) & isn’t sure if she can handle it, so is exceedingly cranky…. therefore, I spent 90% of the time with her in the nursery.

Thankfully, I was not overly irritated, as I feel like I would normally have been. It just sort of hit me that it is not my “right” to be able to sit through a sermon undisturbed. It is my responsibility to take care of my children, regardless of whether they’re acting enormously sweet or enormously irritating. The next thought is, “why bother” as getting ready for, going to, being at, & trying to leave church with the two kids is honestly quite a chore & “I’m not getting anything spiritually” from it….why bother?

(1) Anytime I’m in a situation where the behavior of my children is less than “perfect” (uh….all the time?) God is pushing buttons & alerting me to areas that I need to surrender & rely on Grace vs. self-determination. So great spiritual exercise for me to go to church just in that.
(2) We (the whole family) need to at least SEE the folks we are traveling on this spiritual journey with…even if we don’t actually get to talk to them. Just something about remembering they all exist helps us to stay connected.
(3) How else are my kids going to learn how to do things like go to church if we don’t go?
(4) It’s the only time asher gets to eat cookies/pastries.
(5) Church isn’t about ME & what I am getting out of it, it’s about meeting with the saints & encouraging each other in the Lord. Whether that be from the pulpit (certainly ideal) or in conversations with mom’s hanging out in the nursery or hallway with fussy babies (just a fact of life in the ‘season’ we’re in).

So thanks nursery workers for the work you do & the sermons you preach. Let’s all remember to preach the Gospel whether we’re officially ‘preaching’ or just trying to make it to naptime without a major explosion.

One thought on “Monday Musings on Sunday’s….nursery…

  1. That’s awesome, Jen. I think it took me until my 3rd kid to finally get all that, and I STILL struggle with it at times. Reminds me of your “Sacred Parenting” quote about why parenting is so great for self-centered people. :o)