Monday’s Musings on Sunday’s Sermon

Last week I finally got around to taking the expository listening quiz that ryan found so interesting. It was slightly convicting to be honest.

Don’t go expecting Jenn’s weekly musings or anything though….they will remain as they are, random & not well thought-out.

Without further ado this is what I heard on Sunday:
Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

God is in control/sovereign, even when we think things are bad/out of control.

I’m generally ok with this. I realize there are times/areas I try to control & it doesn’t mean i enjoy suffering (or seeing it), but generally speaking, I’m quite aware of my inability to make things work….and I’m quite comforted by the fact that “even if I don’t know, God does & he’s stronger & smarter than me”. What I don’t like is the thought of senseless suffering, which is what it would be if God were not behind it. I esp. enjoyed the C.S. Lewis quote on “the problem w/pain”: “God is more interested in your holiness than your happiness” (sorry if that was misquoted).

Everyone Will Die. Most of us would live differently if we knew exactly how much time we had.

I was reminded of a quote from the movie, “Crazy Sexy Cancer” when she said, (again, probably not exact): “Cancer isn’t killing me, it’s forcing me to live.”

If you’re alive there’s still hope.

Life is short & time is stolen, sucked away by hate & bitterness.

Um, yeah. Let’s not do that.

“push pause on your fast-paced life”

I believe the exact phrasing was, “share a meal together” at which point I got a little sidetracked thinking about food….mmm…..

Work hard b/c your significance is not WHAT you accomplish but WHO you accomplish it for

that would be God, right?

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