Monday’s Musings on Sundays Sermon

OK, this is really just one “muse”, not at all about the main point of the sermon, but a rabbit trail my mind went on at one point. I thought I’d share it with ya’ll to give you a chuckle at my expense.

I often forget that I am quite “weird” when it comes eating. The health-food rabbit hole goes really deep and while I’m not nearly as weird as some, I am in fact, quite off from mainstream America. Like I said, I often forget this. I always feel like anything I think or do, or what happens to me is normal, because I see myself as an “average joe” kinda person. During the sermon yesterday I had another one of those moments where I realize there was probably not anyone else in the room thinking what I was….well…maybe a few….

So this all started when he read Psalm 63:5

My soul is satisfied as with marrow and fatness, And my mouth offers praises with joyful lips.

I was right with him…”yes, amen brother..” or whatever it is that I think when other people would think that. Then he lost me. I forget the exact wording, but he revisted the “marrow and fatness” phrase….to clarify. He sort of excused it as ancient biblical weirdness & said if you like you can substitute chocolate cake or something. I am embarrassed to admit, I totally didn’t get it & was sort of shocked. “how in the world can he compare MARROW to chocolate cake???” You see, I think of marrow as a super nutrient dense health food (here she goes…). This list is not nearly exhaustive but the cliff’s notes are that it has monounsaturated fat, & a host of minerals & protein. Marrow is fatty, so I assumed in the verse that fat just went with it…not to mention I think animal fat…well, let’s just say I’d use lard before margarine any day. Granted you can’t gorge yourself on it, with it’s high calorie content that would be a bad idea…but you shouldn’t gorge yourself on anything.

I digress.

As I was saying, as I read this verse I briefly paused, smiled to myself & thought about how cool it was that the Bible mentioned marrow as a nourishing food. Then comes the chocolate cake comment. I mean….really….even if it were somehow a whole grain cake (I doubt anyone’s mind went there), the large quantities of refined sugar, the tanins & caffeine in the chocolate. Well….I certainly enjoy empty calorie “treats” every now & again…but clearly it is not a satisfying, good for you food. In my mind it is quite the opposite, leading to nutrient deficit from all the white flour & sugar involved… So there I sat thoroughly confused. I’m not sure how long it took for me to catch up. Eventually it dawned on me that people think marrow and fat sounds gross & chocolate cake is yummy. I guess most people would not burst into praise (the second half of the verse) after eating roasted marrow spread on toast (mmm..i would…), but many would gladly sing the praises of a delicious dessert.

So, yeah. I got it. But I found it humorous that I honestly had to think for a minute where he could have possibly come up with that connection. As a side note, by bible does not say marrow. It says, “fat and rich food”. That’s sad. I like the “marrow” translation better.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings on Sundays Sermon

  1. That is hilarious that you actually had to figure out what he was talking about.

    But of course you are also right that it isn’t the best example, since chocolate cake really isn’t that satisfying in the long run. Sure it is pleasing to the taste for a few minutes, but praise God that He satisfies us with the bread (or marrow) of life and not the cake of a moment. =)

  2. Every Wednesday for mom’s group I make our pizza crusts and everyone else brings toppings. Well, they have just decided that we are going to go back to frozen pizzas (we always have desert too) for several reasons…cheap, fast etc. So this past Wednesday after eating the highly inferior frozen pizza and dessert I thought to myself “I just ate poison”. I mean I can rationalize eating dessert but not after eating frozen pizza.
    I’m sure you are thinking “This isn’t a comment about my post.” but I already wrote it and I’m still hoping you will pray for me that I will receive your mantle and not care for sweets either.