Money Saving May

Like most Americans, Jenn and I push our income to the edge (and occasionally over). In May, we are seeking, for at least this month, to try and make cutbacks. I’m sure some will stay for the long haul, and some are just for the month. Either way, here’s what May has in store:

  • Downgrade NetFlix subscription
  • Cancel HDTV, Cable, and DVR
  • Downgrade internet service
  • Revise current or get new auto insurance
  • No going out to eat
  • Downgrade cell phone to a smaller minute plan

If you have any other creative, expense cutting ideas, feel free to drop a comment.

2 thoughts on “Money Saving May

  1. I just saved $1200/year by switching my auto and home insurance to All State from Geico. Sounds like a commercial but it’s totally true. I’m stoked! Also, to save money, we are doing all our own yard work. We used to hire someone to do the mulching but we found a place that will dump gobs of mulch into my truck bed and I do all the rest. That saved a lot doing that. Also I groom my entire yard with electric law equipment. So there are no oil changes, no gas, no spark plugs, no air filters. Just charge up a few batteries and have at it. I sold my old gas-based mower and stuff on craigslist to finance the new electric stuff. Also, my electric mower is crazy quiet, starts instantly every time, and stores folded up about the size of a small suitcase. It’s the 36v Black & Decker mower and the 18V Black & Decker electric trimmer. Lastly, working from home saves a TON on gas. I only fill up about 4 times per year – and I drive a truck.

  2. Oh man, don’t even get me started! There are so many ways to cut costs, especially for modern “plugged in families.” But we take it to new levels like never buying new clothes and finding wild edibles when possible and using hankies rather than tissues. There are lots of creative ways to incorporate frugality. Good luck!