Mother’s Day

Here’s what I racked up on Mother’s Day 2007:

From the husband:

    A clean house (no big chores today)
    VA BBQ for lunch (no fixing lunch, minimal clean-up)
    We didn’t eat dinner (no cooking or cleaning)

From the son:

    Didn’t require any spankings all day (praise the Lord)
    A rose (technically from the church, but he was so darn excited about it, it was awesome)
    A mini herb garden, wrapped in paper decorated by him & ryan (sweet & practical, my favorite type of gift)
    A prayer – after bedtime prayers he said, “one more”, when ryan asked what he said, “mama” (awwww…)

From the daughter:

    Super sweet & quiet throughout church & while we waited for ryan to finish w/the breakdown crew (whew)
    Cried and/or squealed loudly from 5:30pm – 8pm (wait a minute…..that’s not a gift…)

My family is super duper. Thanks Burns’.

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Hey got a note about you posting a new blog so I checked it out. Your mommy’s day was much better than mine. Unfortunetly Keith has been working nights the last six weeks, and so his scheduel is not set up to get up early and make breakfast so I did. Then I had Kat decide she’s going to figure out how to get her diaper completly off when mom’s busy and not say I have to go potty. Needless to say potty training and carpeting stinks. I tried not to get too upset since she is only 18 months. Then I had Jenna and Halei fighting and playing tattle tales for everything. For lunch I made sandwiches and then Kat took a nap. I cleaned a little and decided what I was going to make for dinner since Keith had to leave here at 5. We did manage to go to the pool for about an hour and actually have some fun family time. I got to have a little break since Keith played with Kat in the pool. Then I made dinner, packed Keith’s up, fed the girls, gave them a bath, and finally bed. Then I enjoyed not cleaning the dishes that night and relaxed in the tub. I didn’t mind I still enjoyed my day watching my girls and watching Keith getting to play with them. Well, I need to get myself ready for bed.

    Love Ya