Musician: On the way to the grocery store today Asher wrote his first song. He’s made up songs before, but they’ve never been sung more than one time through. He sang this particular song 3x & then said, “hey mom, you like my new song? I made it up”. He was singing it again this evening, verses intact:

Stop the Lion, Stop the tiger. Stop the di-no-sauur. Stop the sha-ark, stop the car. Stop everything that you want to stop and everything stop.

hey…he’s 3…what did you expect?

Scholar: Yesterday ryan started teaching Asher the hebrew alphabet. He can pick a few out of the line-up & can pronounce everything correctly (except anything w/an L…his tounge hasn’t figured out L yet)..well, he can pronounce it just like ryan does, which i have no idea if it’s correct or not, which is hilarious. The best is the one that sounds all throaty. So as i was putting him down for a nap today I laid down w/him for a minute. it was quiet for a bit & then he said, “So…I had a really good day mom. (yes, he says, “so..”) I like the hebrew alphabet. Do you want to say it with me?” I obliged (not knowing any of it pretty much regardless of practicing w/him). He just said a few random letters that he remembered then asked what ones he’s forgetting. I could only remember 2. When I told him he smiled at me & said, “that’s a REALLY good job mom!”

Athlete: I’m going to run a 5k on the 25th (mostly b/c the runners are entered into a drawing for a fancy wine-tasting dinner for 4). There’s (free) events for kids too & even a 100 meter run for 3 & under. We asked Asher if he wanted to run in a race with other kids like mama’s going to & he was pretty excited. That should be fun(ny).

Just wanted to put the budding hobbies out there…curious to see if any develop into anything in the next 10yrs or so. Really looking forward to Grace talking so she can get some more blog time in. What I’d really like to do is try to video tape her when one of us tells her to come to us. Though she’s being wildly rebellious & disobedient, it’s one of the funniest/cutest things I’ve ever seen. I can be absolutely furious & at the same time still have to work to not laugh & thus encourage her. Most of her “stories” are really just facial expressions. She’s hilarious WITHOUT words.

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