my brain is on fire…

I am currently reading “Paul: An Outline of His Theology” but Herman Redderbos. I freely admit that the only reason I am reading it is because it is assigned reading for a class I am taking. It is, I think, the most mentally challenging book I have ever read. My professor offered no help when he said, “it was written by a PhD for PhD’s” Uh… yeah… I’m a BS.

In realted news, here are the words that Ridderbos used today that I had to look up:

- Antipode
- Assimilable
- Syncretism
- Philologists
- Lassitude
- Architectonic
- Predilection
- Paraenesis

Reading stuff like this is supposed to help me get smarter, but most of the time I just feel dumber.

One thought on “my brain is on fire…

  1. “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” ConfuciusDidn’t some really smart philosopher person say something about the more he knew the more ignorant he found himself to be?It’s kind of like sin… the more God pulls us out, the deeper in debt we realize we are… you know?