My Family

Well, kind of sad, but Jenn and the kids just left to go to the beach until monday. It was a last minute thing with her folks. I could have gone, but the beach and crutches aren’t a good mix and not being able to play with asher in the ocean might be more torture than I can bear… so, I decided to stay home.

It is strange… most times when I’m seperated from the family I am not too bummed about it, but this time I am… maybe it is just becase I didn’t have time to prepare. While I am a bit sad, I am REALLY happy that asher gets to go to the beach. He really love the beach. So, to know how much fun he is going to have makes the sadness more easy to handle.

On a side note, I took a scooter for a test drive today… it looked like the one in the previous post, only all black. It was lots of fun and really made me want to get one. The kicker is that I’d have to sell the car to get it… which might sound silly, except, the reason for getting the scooter is to save money and selling the car means no insurance payment and no gas bill… then, by chance, the guy selling the scooter offered to buy the car for more than I would probably get for it elsewhere… So, is that a sign? I don’t know. I’m going to sleep on it.

As a final comment, I notice my mom posted a comment that I shouldn’t get a scooter because “they are too dangerous.” To that I say, “it tops out at 35 MPH” If the scooter is dangerous, then so is a bicycle (which, if my office had a shower, I’d buy instead). So, sorry mom, I’ll pass on a motorcycle (for now) but I might just be getting a scooter.

2 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Haha, you’re mom sounds like mine. I guess they get the same training or something, huh.

    Personally, I would be thoroughly amused to know that you traded in a car for a scooter and would smile every time I saw you on it. =)

  2. Bro, I may smile when I see you on it…until it’s raining, snowing, or below 60 degrees.
    I may be more on board if we lived in Miami or you were back in south Georgia…but a scooter seems very seasonal.
    You might end up with a little bit of buyers remorse.