My space

so I jumped on the myspace bandwagon recently. kinda fun. I’ve decided not to pay much attention to having local ‘friends’, but using it to find/keep in touch with old lost friends. So far I have ‘chatted’ with two long lost friends from college and left a message for a friend from my senior year of high school (in seoul korea) who just happens to be going to VCU right now! crazyness. I felt silly at first starting the profile, but it’s fun to find old friends. Seriously though, if you live in richmond and i am currently friends with you, please don’t be offended that I won’t add you to my friends list. Since I (theoretically) see you (whoever you may be), I don’t need to keep up with you there.

In other news, if you haven’t checked out my husband’s blog recently, his “urban renewal” post has become my new favorite. Makes me laugh. he’s good at blogging. :o)

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