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So, this evening I request my absentee voting ballot for Florida.  Since we moved so close to election time, we can’t register in WA and still vote in November… so, we’ll be voting in FL… by mail.

Now, I’ve never really talked politics because I know it is something that I am not tremendously well versed in.  However, I’ve given more thought to this election than any election I’ve had the privilege to vote in.  The truth of the matter is that I have misgivings about all those running.

From before the primaries I’ve been concerned that Obama lacks the real experience to be the most powerful man in the world.  I’m concerned that 4 years with McCain might be 4 years of the same ole, same ole.  I’m concerned that Palin isn’t ready to be president should something happen to McCain… and I don’t know much of anything about Biden.

That said, there are things I like about all the candidates.  I like Obama’s zeal and riggor and might do some good with domestic issues.  I like that McCain is a smart man with lots of foreign policy experience.  I like that Palin is a real person… and, again, I just don’t know anything about Biden.

So, when my absentee ballot arrives, how am I going to decide who to vote for?

For me… it is pretty simple.  See, there are a lot of issues I’ll consider when voting.  The war, taxes, diplomacy, the economy, education, domestic policy, big business… the list goes on. For me, however, the trump card is the thousands upon thousands of babies that were murdered last year.  I simply can not, and will not, give my vote of support to anyone who will further the cause of abortion.  God has created life and given it value by making it in His image.  To destroy those lives is an affront to the character of God. You can raise my taxes, leave pot holes in my road, and even send me off to war… but I will not vote for a man or woman who will sit idly (or actively) by as legislation is passed to continue this barbaric, God-mocking, God-dishonoring, abomination.

Many issues are important to me.  However, until the issue of abortion is no longer an issue, I will always allow it to be the issue that directs my vote.  I hope and pray you join me.

For much more commentary on the issue of abortion and politics, here is a link to Justin Taylor’s blog.  (For those not familiar with the blog, Justin talks about much more than abortion, I simple made the link only pull his posts on the subject.)

ADDED: If you visit Justin’s bog, please know that there is a very graphic video on abortion in one of his recent posts.  I have mixed emotions about the video, but in the end, it shows the harsh reality of what abortion really is. It is killing babies.

While Justin focuses a lot on the theological/political, additional biblical info can be found at Desiring God.

5 thoughts on “My Vote

  1. thanks for posting — the linked blog is very informative and well documented which is quite helpful. thanks!
    This stuff is heartbreaking . . and especially relevant again as we are about to elect another president with much power over the unborn.

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