My Web and Blogging Friends

I have a gifts for you today.  Here is a FREE magazines to help you master the internet.  I subscribe to this magazine (duh, it was free) and HIGHLY recommend it.  Each month I learn a lot of great tips to help me conquer the internet… well, maybe not conquer… but none the less.  If you’re interested, remember, it is FREE.  Also, for those who wonder, I have not been getting a bunch of junk mail or spam after signing up… this is a real deal, legitimate offer.  So, jump on it.

3 thoughts on “My Web and Blogging Friends

  1. haha, no offense ryan, but this seems like a message that some automated computer put on your blog as spam ;]

  2. ha! i can vouch it’s real. that issue is sitting on the back of the toilet as i type. :)