Myrtle Beachin’ it

In case you missed it, the kids & I are in Myrtle beach visiting with my parents and grandparents.  We’re having a great time, but we def. miss “daddy”.  Asher even talked to him on the phone last night for awhile and he does not like the phone.  He didn’t actually SAY much (kept nodding his head ‘yes’), but his eyes were twinkling listening to daddy talk & when we hung up the following conversation ensued:

asher: Momma, I’m so happy we talked to daddy

Me:  Yes, me too, I miss daddy

asher: yeah…is he cheered up now?

me: I think so

asher: yeah…he’s cheered up…but when we come home he’ll be REALLY cheered up..all the way.  He said he’s going to give me big hug. (smiling)

well..i tried to upload some pictures but they’re too big.  1) I’m not too good at fixing these sorts of things on “my computer” ( mac)   2) i’m on my parents pc.     

perhaps later I can opa to get them up here for you.

2 thoughts on “Myrtle Beachin’ it

  1. Hey, Jenn — so glad you are having a good time. I hope you are getting to relax :) ps – thx for the book recommendation– I ordered it :)