Necessity is the mother of invention

I just discovered a dangerous new dessert the other night. It was one of ‘those’ nights….opening & shutting the fridge & cupboard…leaving the kitchen, wandering back in…. willing some dark chocolate to magically appear somewhere. I had some cocoa powder….hot chocolate? No, not enough milk…& I don’t feel like the hassle of dirtying the pot, measuring spoons, whisk, mug ect. Perhaps a spoon of honey will suffice. I have some creamed raw honey on hand (like the really raw brand, but local). It’s like candy for sure. A spoonful later…no…that’s not chocolate.

Seriously considering making a trip to the grocery store (I’m already in PJ’s at this point).


Eyes resting on the cocoa powder. Back to the honey. cocoa powder…creamed honey….hmm…. yes. Chocolate Honey. Perfect.

2 tsp. (ish) raw creamed honey + 2 tsp (ish) Chatfield’s Unsweetened Alkaline-free cocoa powder. Mix in a small bowl/cup/plate or mouth (though the best results have been in a small bowl…less choking on cocoa powder).

How have I never thought of that before??

3 thoughts on “Necessity is the mother of invention

  1. Simply brilliant!
    I’ll have to try that sometime. :)

    Bananas fried in a little bit of oil mixed with vanilla and cinnamon (my version of bananas foster) – ever tried that? It came about kinda like your concoction. ;)

  2. ok, just wanted to make note that I’ve come close to perfecting this…”recipe”. I felt it my civic duty to continue experimenting so I could share it with y’all. ;)

    a 2:1 ratio, chocolate to honey. Now, I haven’t had fudge in years…lots of years, so I COULD be way off, but I’m pretty sure this tastes like chocolate fudge. Awesome. and so far the best method i’ve found is kneading it with my fingers in a small bowl. Massive sticky mess, but you end up with a less sticky fudge-like product. I”m seriously considering making a large batch into squares if i’m asked to bring a dessert to a holiday party.