I’m such a nerd. I was almost giddy today due to the following:

I made sloppy joe’s for dinner, recipe thanks to KerryAnn. Btw, i had to change the recipe a little to omit garlic & chili powder (also has garlic) and as it turns out ryan liked them a lot better (though i suspect his lack of lunch today helped that?). Anyhow, i digress that was not what i was excited about. I was excited that

1) I made a double batch which means I have enough stored away in the freezer right now for 2 more dinners (or lunches whatever the case may be). I’ve been on a ‘batch cooking’ kick…why have i never thought of this before! Anytime I cook something that CAN be frozen & reheated, i make at least a double batch. This equals ‘fast food’ without the cost or crap food quality of normal fast food. The only downside being using all those ziplocs & despite my best intentions I only reuse ziplocs that contained dry foodstuff. I don’t think ryan would be ok with ziplock bags hanging all over the house. However, I have recently been tipped off (by an online friend) to the wonders of those disposable snap n’ seal type containers. super cheap & can be run through the dishwasher, but if/when they eventually crack from freezer use, not expensive enough to be upset about.

2) I cut the amt. of ground beef in half & subbed the other half with sprouted (& cooked) black beans. This was a double whammy “fun” for me in that
A) it saved $$ by using less meat (& ryan liked it just fine, thank-you, beans & all)
B) it used (previously batch cooked & frozen!) sprouted beans which is just always fun for
me. I find sprouting fascinating & fun.

So there you have it. Nerdiness proof exhibit # 625.

One thought on “Nerd

  1. I need to do this more too. I am so disorganized, I am usually luck if I have the ingredients to make one recipe, without changing/substituting etc.