New Bible Site

Ever wonder why there are so many translations of the Bible? Where did they all come from and which one should you read?

Well, you’re not alone. That’s why I’ve spent this last week creating the Best Bible site. On the site it explains the history of Bible translation as well as explaining the main differences found in our modern Bible translations.

Along with talking about translations, the site gives a brief explanation of many of today’s top Bible translations and offers some suggestions for bible resources including mobile applications and software.

Finally, the site also has a blog that will keep tabs on Bible news… that’s right, Bible news.

So, go check it out and, if you would be so kind, can you do two favors for me?

  1. If you use any of the Bibles or programs listed on the site, can you please write a review?
  2. If you’re a blogger and like the site (or don’t like the site) can I get some link love? Also, if you are sharing the link love, might I impose to ask that the link love use the words “Best Bible“?

3 thoughts on “New Bible Site

  1. Incredible! Thank you a million times over – I’ve just been trying to answer someone’s question on Bible translations, and this will save me hours of work! And many, many errors! This is something that I’m sure many people will find useful. Great work!

  2. You are welcome… another way to thank me is with links… maybe writing a post on your website about how you found the best website ever (or something like that) ;)

  3. Absolutely! As soon as Google lets me back into my blog, I’ll be posting something about your site. I’ve read through most of it, and it is outstanding. Thank you, Ryan.