New Book & the “5:00 club”

About a week ago I finished “God’s Big Picture“. It was an EXCELLENT book, I highly recommend it. I promise it’s not too “brainy” for you. It’s a small book & a great tool to help you see major themes that are throughout the entire Bible. There were quite a few good “nuggets” I got from the book, but the main thing that it opened my eyes to was reading the Bible & thinking, “What does this say about God?” vs. “How does this apply to me?”. The fact is, if it tells me about an aspect of God’s character, that is enough application in itself, which makes the Old Testament much less intimidating & frustrating. Interesting…reading the Bible to learn more about my creator vs. using it as a “self-help” tool….life changing indeed.

Speaking of which, my “new” book (one we’re using for the weekly “mom’s group”) is: “A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study“. When Dana passed out the books at our group, I have to admit. I internally snubbed it. I mean…just click through to that link & you’ll see what I mean. I definitely judged the book by it’s cover. Anyway, I was wrong & so far it’s a really great book. I’m looking forward to learning techniques for personal systematic bible study (to do on my own…without a book!). & to boot, she’s flat out hilarious.

Which brings me to the second half of this blog title. The chapter we read this week was about the nuts & bolts of getting started w/daily bible study time (note: not bible reading but STUDY). A very good point she made that I’ve heard numerous times throughout my Christian walk but never successfully implemented until a few months ago: You need to schedule time with God. I used to balk at this idea thinking it just felt so forced & “non-spiritual”, but honestly I was just being lazy. She’s right. If you don’t schedule it, it’s not going to happen. At least not on any consistent basis.

Portions of my life, such as visits to the dentist & working out, are characterized by complete randomness, but I schedule date nights, salon time (if i was born blonde, I can only assume God intended for me to stay that way), coffee w/girlfriends, events with my kids, and, yes, Bible study.

The women over at the Girl Talk blog are also advocates of this idea. They started what they refer to as, “The 5:00 Club“. Again, they make a great point. Thankfully for me, God has graced me with a life that has so far allowed me to join the 6:00 club vs. the 5:00…Honestly anything before 7am sounds too early for me, but anything before 6 just feels downright unreasonable. We’ll see if that will change once we move to florida & start spinning more plates.

So I just wanted to challenge ya’ll as well. I’m not saying you have to wake up ridiculously early, (it could happen during a lunch break) I’m just saying you have to schedule some Bible Study/Devotion time. Make a standing appt. I dare you to try it for 6wks & tell me it hasn’t changed your life.

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