New Books!

Since I finally finished the book i had been reading (& a couple months ago i promised not to start reading anything else till that was finished), i started thinking about what would be next.  There are a few books I’ve been wanting to read, but after drudging through a really difficult book for so long, I wanted the next one to be mostly “fun”.  So, I ordered “Heaven“.  It comes highly recommended by a lot of my friends, and I’m really looking forward to delving in.  Ryan thumbed through & announced that it is not one I will be “allowed” to read before bed.  …due to the fact that if it’s a really good book, i will be up till 3 in the morning reading until it’s finished.  Not sure when that leaves time for reading it though!  …oh & amazon (& a recommendation from a friend from a looong time ago) sucked me into “heaven for kids” too.

I also, on recommendation from a friend, ordered: “His Little Princess: Treasured letters from your King” (for Grace) & “His mighty warrior: A treasure map from your king” (for Asher).   Oh…& “Honey for a Child’s Heart” which I’ve borrowed from the library 3x in the past year & figure I should just own it.  Amazon is dangerous.

Anyhow, they arrived yesterday (& weren’t shipped out till thursday, guess the warehouse must be close by)!  It was soo cute, both kids adored their books.  They carried them around all evening & it took quite awhile before Grace would even let us read hers to her.  She was so excited by her “princess book”.  She did however read it to herself, flipping through each page saying, “I love you too, I love you too” (she rarely says, ” I love you” almost always, “I love you too”).  Asher got pretty irritated with her saying, “Grace! That’s not what it says!”  But I assured him that that was the gist of the book.  :)

I on the other hand got really choked up thumbing through ALL of them, and forget trying to read the kids’ books to them.  Ryan had to take over as I retreated to the bedroom to sob.  It was one of those weird, laugh/cry things b/c I couldn’t figure out what my deal was being THAT sappy over it all.  Though it had been a long day full of…small annoyances (like being an idiot & picking up a 350 degree pan without pot holders).

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