New Fangled Running

As a going away present some sweet friends of mine in VA chipped in to get me a gift card. It had a contingency in that I was instructed it was only for my use…I wasn’t even “allowed” to use it to buy cloth diapers (which technically at this point are for me, Grace doesn’t care what her poo-catchers look like). Anyhow after some time deliberating, I decided to use it to buy some new kicks. You’re supposed to get new running shoes every 6mo or so (really 300miles but it’s hard to track that). Mine were a year old this month.

I decided on a pair of nike’s that “just happened” to be Nike+ ready (hey, I tried on a few pair of 3 different brands & truly liked the nike’s best). So, for my (early) birthday present I also bought the Nike+ kit. I am SO very excited. Now I can have (mostly) the best of both worlds. I like the treadmill to be able to track my time & distance (ok, & weather & hill control) but running outside is more invigorating & fun. So with this crazy gadget i’ve got a woman updating me on my mileage and pace every few minutes and then I can go home, upload it to the nike website, track my progress & share it w/the world.

Here’s what this morning’s run looked like:

4 thoughts on “New Fangled Running

  1. ah!

    1)how much did all that cost?
    2) im jealous that its probably gorgeous over there and that running would probably almost always be fun.
    3) it says 7:10am- ahhhh early.

    me and my friend have started training for the 10k already- I’m praying that the yearly flu I get 2-4 wks before the race will NOT HAPPEN this year. (I rebuke sickness!)

  2. 1) shoes (but i had a gift card so not that much for me) $90 w/tax. Nike+ kit: $30

    2) Yes, it’s gorgeous. I’m curious about hurricane season though

    3) I would prefer to run at 6:15, but it’s still dark & I don’t want to run by myself in the dark. Thankfully, the kids have been sleeping later since we moved so 7 works.

  3. Super cool, Jen! Told Steve about this Nike+ thing…now he totally “needs” one. :o)

  4. Awesome! You are fast, too! I go a Garmin GPS watch for Christmas to track the same running stats…