New phrases

One of the things I enjoy most about our life in the toddler stage is hearing new phrases that they pick up. Some have a clear origin, such as Asher’s latest, “Got your/my feathers in a bunch”. He picked that gem up from watching Little Bear. He said it the first time 2 days ago. He was huffing about something ( i think cleaning up) & he sighed & said, “mom, I’ve got my feathers in a bunch”. I asked if he knew what that meant…”yes, it means i’m grumpy”. One of Grace’s newest phrases is from the 3 of us playing hide & seek & peek-a-boo all the time: “Dada (or any name), where are you???” (very sing-songy enunciation).

Then there are ones that you’re just not sure where they came from. Such as Grace’s new & official first sentence…well..not really A sentence. She’s started tagging names to expressions. Such as, “hi mom” or my personal favorite, “no, dad!” when he’s tickling or kissing her….she sounds just like a teenager saying that one. Pretty much hilarious. Of course all it does is incite more kisses & zerberts.

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