New to the Blogroll

If you notice over to your right, there is a new addition to the blogroll. This is the blog of a “mommy friend” that has in all honesty changed my life & relationship with God. As a super-mom taking on the world, she may not post uber-regularly (so you might just want to add her to your rss feed to keep upated on new gems), but she’s one of the smartest & passionately in love with Jesus women i know. I miss her a lot.

Yesterday’s post was another one of those “illumination from heaven” revelations for me….one of those, “duh” things that if you just actually READ the bible, you’d save yourself years of following false advice.

Heh, & i bet she’s incredibly embarrassed by reading this post.

One thought on “New to the Blogroll

  1. oh, wow! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this! Thanks, Jen! I’m already reading…trying to catch up. Many “duh” moments already. I love it! :o)