That’s short for: Once A Month Cooking

I’ve been slowly but surely trying to wrap my brain around this concept and seeing where and how I can fit this in with my “cooking style” as well as the meals that we like. In a small way, I do it with broth-making. There ARE people who make broth every week with that week’s chicken. I much prefer to save the bones up in the freezer and make it once a month.

Anyhow, the most recent move in this direction: about a month ago a woman at the women’s bible study mentioned that she’s been doing a lot of batch cooking and raved about it. She recommended a book, but that it was a good one to just borrow vs. buy.

So I went home & directly to the computer to put “Fix Freeze Feast” on hold. I was #9 in line and had to wait just over a month! Anyhow, it was ready for pick-up this week and after going through the whole book (ryan ‘let’ me stop at starbucks this morning to hang out by myself w/some tea, and i got to thumb through all the recipes), I decided it IS actually one I want to buy. My original intent was to just get a good grasp on the concept & perhaps copy a few recipes (assuming I’d not ‘agree’ w/most, ha), but as it turns out the list I wanted to copy kept growing and growing….and then I remembered I had a gift certificate from Keynote. :)

There are tons of OAMC & batch-cooking books out there and admittedly I have only read this one. However, I have read a lot of reviews and this seemed good as any. Things I particularly liked: Most everything is made from scratch. I have read reviews of other books that used a lot of canned soup recipes and other processed “quick cooking” ingredients. With this book there are very few things that I’ll change to adjust to my neurosis (the easiest being that it calls for water & bullion cubes all over the place, which is good news, i get to use broth!), which is nice. Also, I like that it makes enough for 3 meals. In theory, I could make something and then not have to do the prep for it for another 3 months (or less if we eat it more than once a month). Heck, I could in theory make up a meal plan for the month and then never make one again….unless we got bored.

The cooking part I like (despite that time is an issue, thus my desire to batch cook) the PLANNING part i detest. Ryan keeps saying that I should just repeat stuff more, but I like variety. I think perhaps if it was just repeating once a month I could handle the repetition.

I think for now I’ll approach it that I’ll batch cook each entree as the day comes up, vs. spending a whole day or weekend cooking multiple meals. In theory…I could do that and then only be ‘cooking’ (there is still cooking but mostly just plopping in the oven) once every 3 months. Well…we still have fried chicken to contend with (can’t figure out how to batch & freeze fried chicken…speaking of which, anyone want to buy me a deep fryer?).

I also couldn’t help be struck by the thought that if I were unmarried this method would be particularly appealing. For many of the recipes, you can easily sort them into one serving sizes, and viola, ‘real’ food cooked just for me but not having to deal with a week of leftovers all at once. Oh, and the idea of ‘sharing’ with friends: You make your 3, then trade and bam: 3 different nights of dinner and you only ‘made’ one.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

One thought on “OAMC

  1. yes, please let me know how it goes! i’ve been wanting to do oamc, and used to double a lot of the meals i made, but haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet since switching to tf. i may have to look into that book. and if you find someone willing to buy deep fryers for other people – send them my way too!