I just filled out one of those “40 questions” fwd/email thingy’s for a friend (you better feel special I am a serial “non-reading fwd deleter”)…no, i didn’t fwd it, but I DID answer it at least! I take a one-strike stance to fwders. The first time I receive one from you I will read it, but if it’s an urban myth, a “you’ll die tomorrow” (or “you’ll get your socks blessed off”), or has too many 1990′s style graphics you join the “i won’t read your fwds & they will be instantly deleted” camp. It’s harsh I know, but seriously folks…. Occasionally I’ll get sucked in by a witty title & *sometimes* enjoy them, but generally I stand by my “one strike” rule. Folks that rarely if ever send them get the benefit of me reading their fwd (isn’t that spectacular of me?). I do however enjoy reading the “40 questions’ emails, i’m just terrible about responding to them (it takes me 30 minutes!). ;) In fact, when my sister sends them, for the question “who is least likely to respond to this” I’m there. Oh yeah.

Anyhow, one of the questions was “what is the first thing you notice about people”. I wanted to say eyes, b/c i really like eyes. However, i realized that i usually can’t even remember the color of people’s eyes. I don’t think i do look at them much. I’m more of a nose girl. Not sure what my deal is but I fixate on noses. I’m so unglamorous.

The end.

2 thoughts on “Observations

  1. I DO feel special! I did not really expect for you to respond, which is okay with me. I just like to send them to people who I would like to hear those respnses from. I am not big on sending forwards of any kind, but I do like those kind. I don’t do chain letters, etc. or most jokes or whatever….delete delete delete. It was fun to read yours, though!

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