Here are some pictures from our October adventures. This is all I had time to process today. More to come (eventually).

The month started off with Grace starting ballet lessons and Asher joining an official soccer team. Here is a picture of Grace in her ballet gear at the WRONG CLASS! This was the tumbling class. We eventually found the right room.

DSC_0414 - Version 2

In October we had a visit from Oma and Opa. Here Asher and Grace help Opa get pizza ready for pizza night.

DSC_0647 - Version 2

While the pizza was cooking Asher, Grace, and Opa built an indoor soccer goal.

DSC_0658 - Version 2

Speaking of soccer, here’s Asher’s first soccer team. Today is the last game of the season. After the game today we’re going to a team pizza party. The roumor is that the whole team is also signing up for basketball… Do you think Coach K will still be at Duke in 14 years?

DSC_0642 - Version 2

As I said, we eventually found the ballet class. Grace LOVES it!


We sat on the YMCA floor a lot in October.

DSC_0594 - Version 2

Asher is working on spelling. For those wondering, the picture is “fencing.”

DSC_0593 - Version 2

Here’s coach John teaching the team. The three things we learned this season: 1. Only the goalie can use hands. 2. The offense can go anywhere on the field 3. Defense can’t go over the black line.

DSC_0559 - Version 2

Notice the jacket… it is getting cold!

DSC_0553 - Version 2

I think this is the only time she wore the black outfit. It is usually the all pink one.

DSC_0520 - Version 2

Here’s the class in action.

DSC_0498 - Version 2

Asher didn’t go to the ballet class too often. It was pretty boring for him.

DSC_0435 - Version 2

As I mentioned, these are just some of the photos. I’ll post more when I have “time.”

3 thoughts on “October

  1. They are such cuties! Love the ballet pics! You all need to come visit so you can take some awesome pictures of Madison!