Odd Ebay Change

i saw this today when I went to my ebay acct. to check on something ryan ordered last week:

seems odd…seems like i’d hesitate to sell. but they’re probably not concerned much with ‘little guy’ sellers & the ebay businesses probably aren’t concerned too much about retribution/clarification. Guess it goes back to the debate about “does the seller provide feedback upon payment or upon recieving feedback?”. I personally think they should wait, b/c who’s to say the buyer isn’t going to come up with crazy complaints ect &/or threaten negative feedback for you or something like that. The feedback is for the whole transaction right? If i leave it before the transaction is complete, the feedback may not be accurate. Though perhaps all questions are answered in the “new seller protections” policies that i didn’t read.

Also, unrelated: I am trying to figure out how to post pictures from yesterday’s swim lessons. Not successfully so far. I need help from the IT guy. Boo for the new wordpress picture stuff. Though maybe it’s ‘easier’ once you learn it.

2 thoughts on “Odd Ebay Change

  1. We have wordpress and I have no idea how to put a picture on it. Ethan has to do it, and he says he hates the process – it’s tedious. This is not a good sign, since I feel like really soon, I am going to want to put up pics of Emelyn all the time, like all my other mommy friends….