On Mothers

Tonight I’ve been reading, “How to teach your baby to read” by Glenn Doman. I picked it up on a whim last week when looking for potty training books. The title was just too intriguing. Absolutely fascinating logic & sounds fun. Anyhow, just read this bit & got choked up for some reason (probably fatigue & stress), the the last line cracked me up….thought y’all might enjoy it.

In a chapter answering questions about whether or not teaching children to read before school age is harmful (titled, “Who Has Problems, Readers or Nonreaders?”), it started with the following:

There is a myth abroad in the land which holds that only experts of one kind or another understand children. Among the innumerable kinds of experts who deal with children there are too many who insist that mothers

    Don’t know much about children;
    are completely inaccurate observers of their own children;
    tell awful lies about their own children’s abilities.

…While we have met some mothers who tell fantastic and untrue stories about their children and who do not understand them, we think they are very rare indeed. Rather we have found mothers to be careful and sound observers of their own children, and they are, besides, absolutely stark realists. The trouble is that hardly anybody listens to mothers. …If this trend continues, we run the serious risk of persuading mothers to view their offspring…as little bundles of strange ego drives and dark, rather nasty packages of strange and frightening symbolisms that an untrained mother couldn’t possibly understand.

Nonsense. In our experience mothers make the very best mothers there are.

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