Operation Thanksgiving Preparation

Perhaps I should put a blackberry on my ‘wishlist’, i’d totally twitter my way through this ‘feast’ if i had one. Or maybe it’s best i don’t have one….

I still can’t believe we won’t have guests….I literally laid in bed last night wondering if we should pick up random homeless people to come over tomorrow. but i won’t get into those politics/debates right now.

Todays list:

  1. Get turkey in the brine (first time ever doing brined, second time ever cooking a turkey..ok first. ryan cooked it last time)
  2. Go shopping (yes, i know, should’ve done that already, and i did, but of course i forgot stuff)
  3. make skillet cornbread for dressing
  4. assemble grean bean casserole (found a “soup-free” recipe this morning)
  5. assemble sweet potato casserole

dinner roll dough is already in the fridge (& tastes heavenly, hope the finished product is too). I used a tweaked version of this recipe.

we agreed this morning no dessert. i know…but all i want is pumpkin pie & i’m not up to assembling that (i’ve never made one). maybe i’ll make one this weekend to go with our leftovers.

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