Operation winding down

Well, this afternoon while pow-wowing w/ a friend via IM, she mentioned that she will need to keep her bird (or was it birds) outside tonight b/c they’re in a 5gal bucket that wouldn’t dream of fitting in a fridge.  “oh yea! I live where it’s cold now too!”.  So The big pot is now in the garage and everyone else is snug in the fridge.

Since i’m married to a southerner (should i now clarify a southEastern southerner?), we will be having Thanksgiving Lunch.  Somehow I always forget it’s not dinner for them.  It’s not that I’m really opposed, as it is nice to have it all done, enjoy the feast at lunch & then graze the afternoon away & if you’re interested in dinner, well…by all means help yourself (esp. with small children around who despite the fact that an enormous dinner is on it’s way, expect a lunch…the nerve…).  but this means the turkey is going in the oven at 6am.  Nothing like handling raw meat first thing out of bed.  :)   At least i don’t have to sear it.  Searing roasts for the crockpot at 6am is always a little gag-inducing.

It was gently suggested in passing that attempting gravy tomorrow might be “too much”….and seeing as how it will likely be a tight ship….i think i’ll cave & use the storebought gravy.  BUT i will attempt gravy for leftovers….i only bought a SMALL container of gravy.  So i’ll give it a go w/o the pressure of “thanksgiving” & it having to be served at a certain time.  I don’t know why i have such a hard time with it!  According to most, it’s supposedly “easy”.

So now, I am going to re-read my turkey instructions & then be done for the night.  Ryan just got a free-lance project to work on this weekend, so he’ll likely be up late doing that tonight.  Don’t tell him but at least for TONIGHT I was secretly glad b/c I’ve been really itching to watch Elizabeth, which has been waiting on my DVR for just over a week.  So I’m gonna go give Ryan his ginger & Tazo “calm” tea, and then retreat to the couch with mine.

See you tomorrow.  And in case I forget, Happy Thanksgiving.  I intend to make “thankfulness turkeys” with the kids tomorrow.  If you’re lucky there might even be pictures.  :)

4 thoughts on “Operation winding down

  1. is eating thanksgiving for lunch really a southerner thing!?!?!?! I didn’t realize that. Man, I’m southern. lol

  2. We always had “linner” too, but I truly thought that everybody did that! It’s like having Sunday “dinner” which usually is just right after church at about 2p.m. but, it qualifies as dinner in my book!

  3. We usually try to eat around 3pm, and making the gravy always stresses me out too. This year…melted butter in saucepan…added some flour…heated it up nice…added the turkey broth and a little salt/pepper…keep stirring…it actually turned out really well! One year…it was like jello. Oops. :o)