back from the store. took WAAAY longer than expected b/c i went to a store i’ve only been 2 2x before. couldn’t find the french fried onion things (finally found them). then they didn’t have sucanat so i had to make an extra stop. ugh.

about to unload groceries (not sure how i ended up buying so much…i HAD a list!!! geez…) & fix lunch. Kids are watching tv (they usually only watch in the evening while i make dinner). Not only is it keeping them occupied while i’m pre-occupied, but it was a bribe for good behavior at both grocery stores. that’s some gooood parenting folks.

btw, they are watching Super Why (have i mentioned i love DVR?).  So, a few minutes ago:

Asher, “Mom! You know why I like “Super Why?”  Because I have the power to help!”

he was being 100% serious.

That’s probably only funny if you’ve seen the show…

4 thoughts on “OTP4

  1. Big lols about Super Why and Asher’s “power to help.” This is one of Aliyah’s fave shows to watch in the morning while I’m cleaning. She just calls it “why” and can’t say “super” yet. I always have to put my arm in with hers in the beginning when they put their arms in before transforming to “super” characters. Too funny!

  2. oh my gosh, thats actually really hilarious.

    ugh super why… at least it teaches kids how to read!

  3. i like super why too…one of the more entertaining for ME shows, lol (or at least “doesn’t drive me completely bonkers” shows).

    extra cute is that asher & grace do the hand thing in the begging with each other.